How we do birthdays

by - October 05, 2015

This year it was Lego style

And it was pretty dang awesome. 

Since our family has grown and now I have a SEVEN YEAR old, I feel like I have had to totally re-vamp how we do things. That's a fun thing about being a mom to a little tribe, it sure keeps my brain going and me on my toes. Some mommas feel like thier brain turns to mush. Lemme tell ya, I have totally been there. 

But then I had a "Come-to-Jesus-moment". You know, those moments where you just can really see the whole picture including where you totally fail at and thankfully, where you are a rockstar parent in? 


So our birthdays start off with a 7 day count down (although I am thinking of doing a 5 day countdown and then 2 days after now. I HATE the post birthday blues!!) 

And then we give our kids a choice. They get $100 to spend--- or to save. Jaedyn wanted to have a birthday party with all her new friends. So we planned it out. She did the math and saw how much things cost etc. 

At the end of it all, she ended up with $5 left. She is saving for a Lego Elsa Castle. 

It was fun to watch as a mom what she placed value in. She wanted a pinata. No budging on that. But she opted to make one. She wanted pizza. She wanted a store-bought cake but decided it cost too much so went on pinterest (with me) and found some darling Lego cupcakes to make. Complete with Rainbow chip frosting. She planned out the games and hand wrote her invites. Then passed them out. 

One things I loved was seeing how she was able to understand how money works. Its something I sadly, struggle with a little and its a weakness I am working on. 

The birthday week was such a blast. And a big THANK YOU to Cassidy and Dan who totally went above and beyond celebrating Jaedyn while we were gone. Did i mention we do a birthday fairy? Well Cassidy just did that on her own for her!

thanks to all who came! 
Jaedyn mailed her Shutterfly Thank you notes.

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