My new calling: Enrichment leader

by - January 22, 2016

Its not exactly new since I've had it before, or was 2nd counselor so it was like having it. But each time I have really enjoyed it. It is something that is pretty easy for me but the challenge comes in making each activity worth asking the women to attend. I mean, lets me honest okay. If something seems lame and I really have no good reason to go, I will probably prefer to watch Netflix or read or go to the gym.

In my ward (congregation), the building we meet at is about 20 minutes away for most people. We try to have the activities in members home, but this was actually a bit last minute. So to the church we went.

The ladies I get to rub shoulders with are talented and motivated. Honestly, "my job" was pretty easy and consisted mostly of coordinating it all. Now coordinating I can do. Crafty-ness? Well, not so much.

I saw this pin and went with it.

We kicked off the night with healthy snacks the ladies provided and we had a smoothie bar.
Then each speaker had 5 minutes (of course it was more like 10-15 minutes) for their topic.
Heidi on the committee had thought up ideas for the titles:

Save-up: {coupons }
Lift-up:{ spiritual }
Do-up: { hair }
Use-up: { making do with what you have }
Fun-up: { family fun }
Lighten-up: { photography }
Read-up: { education }
I meant to get green and red and yellow scrapbook paper to use as placemats. 

this printout that Stacey made served as the program

The tables were a red and green and white theme. Y'know, 7-up colors and all. Since it was a little last minute, we didn't really know what to do for centerpieces (and our ward is splitting too so we really wanted to make it nice) We had flowers donated and they were stunning and just right. I mean, fresh flowers and all these women?! Of course that is going to turn out well. At each place setting there was a small notebook and pen for notes.

I think it can be hard to know if an activity was a success. I had SO MANY women come up to me after and say how much they LOVED it. They loved the flowers. They loved the colors. They loved the snacks and smoothie bar. And of course they really really really loved all the speakers. They loves taking notes and swapping recipes after and it was a full house.
our save-up speaker

our lift-up speaker

she just moved into the ward last week. She showed us a super cute five minute hair-do

I'll just say that it has been the token lonely year for me. A friend said that anytime you move, expect the first year to be pretty lonely. I have moved SO MUCH and I totally agree with that. And please don't think its because people aren't trying to be nice etc. I think its just that people, (my self included) have obligations that take up time. At enrichment though, I felt His spirit. I felt God saying that He knew these women I am asked to serve. And He showed me glimpses of their hearts. Now it wasn't like I had prayed for that. Or that the activity was particularly spiritual. I mean, there was a hair tutorial! But it happened nonetheless. The still, small, voice whispered to my heart the love that God has for these inspiring women.

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