Don't leave us!

by - March 18, 2016

Last year when my parents visited for Christmas, my mom asked me to find my dad a project to do. Well, living in a tiny townhouse (which we were renting) I didn't have the space for any projects.

So when I found out they would be here in March, I made sure to have projects for him to do. And my mom being the go-getter that she is, she had a fun craft project for the kids. We enclosed the septic system in a beautiful lattice box, built and filled a sandbox in time for Keo Birthday, and moved the huge playset from the front yard to the back. Grandma made felt easter eggs for our banner and the kids loved it.

I am the planner and like to spend time with family doing things so I made sure we all knew what we were doing each night. The first night was a family dinner and roasting smore's.

I LOVED having the extra hands and also having my kids make memories with their grandparents. We celebrated birthdays, ate yummy BBQ, filled our bellies with Hawaiian food (even poki) and took family photos. When it was time to say goodbye, many many tears were shed and a few crying phone calls were made begging them to come back.

I love my parents and I love that both McKay and I came from large families. We agreed we have the VERY BEST siblings, no matter how crazy they may be :)

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