LDS Family Home Evening Favorites: Updated

by - January 08, 2017

They are also known as Family nights. Still no clue what I am talking about?

In my church, we have asked to set aside time each week to spend time as a family. Traditionally, it is a Monday night but it can be any night. Growing up it was usually a Sunday night since we were heavily involved in 4-H and school sports.

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We have a schedule we follow. I think I must really be a toddler at heart because I really function best when I have a schedule to follow.

1st Monday- Lesson and activity from The Friend Magazine
2nd Monday- Lesson and activity from The Scriptures 
3rd Monday- Family History Story
4th- Monday- Safety or behavior lesson
5th Monday- Kids choice! 

Our schedule has kept our FHE's diverse and fun and I feel like we are having more fun and learning all sorts of things we should be learning. 

I read in the Romney Family Cookbook that they had rice krispies for Family Night. I just loved that it was a tradition and I am always looking for ways to create memories and traditions with my family. We adopted that into our family and we have Rice Krispies now too (at least when I remember to get the ingredients) 

 Ok, this sounds way overkill but, I have a whole file drawer dedicated to FHE. Yup, crazy mom! But what I have found is that there are some lessons that they really love and we do over and over and others that just fall flat. I thought I would share with you a few that are our family favorites. 

Zelmgid- Golden Rule
David and Goliath- big Goliath to hit with mini marshmallows
Confidence cookies ( We are doing it this month)

So on the second Monday, we might do Daniel in the Lions Den.

The third Monday we would choose a story from our ancestors or our selves as kids or even tell a story about when the kids were little babies. They LOVE it.

On the fourth Monday, we do fire drills, check our 72hr kits, learn about respect or being honest.

The kids LOVE when there is a 5th Monday. They get to pick. It usually is a movie or a bike ride or just whatever they want to do. But whatever it is, they all have to agree. So it has been a great tool in teaching about compromise and family dynamics. 

Then to finish off our night, we kneel in prayer and say our family cheer! That is another family tradition we really really love. Go COUGARS! Go Hansens! Live ALOHA! Follow the Prophet. It ties to our family motto that we ALWAYS follow the Prophet

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