Family Council: Hansen Style

by - October 21, 2016

Growing up my mom was SO diligint at having our family gather every morning for family scriptures. My dad led our family in morning and nightly family prayers. And on Sunday after church, we had family home evening followed by family council.

I can vividly picture getting so mad at having to wake up early for scriptures and prayers. I can also remember feeling like I missed out when I came home after work late or game and missed family night prayers.

A while a ago, we were asked to hold family council. To be honest, it took a few months for me to get it all together.

Flash forward to months later---  I have this group of friends (home school moms') that are a big help to me. We get together monthly and talk about lots of stuff including what we are doing in our families. I also am very blessed to have another set of friends from our time at BYU. We are all an a group app and we "talk" throughout the week to each other. The common denominator? BOTH GROUPS hold family council. They are all moms with kids of all ages and busy lives and husbands that are gone often with work.

I determined then to just get to work and make it happen.

After a lot of searching, I found this agenda.

I can write about how great its been because it been a few months since we first started this. The only change we made is that for the GOOD THINGS" section, we all sit in a circle (like a train) and give each other a quick massage while we talk about what we love about each person in the family.

***TIP: It is REALLY hard to keep my kids attention so we usually do Family Council with a bowl of ice cream or a bowl of popcorn

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